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3 good reasons why you need Veeam Backup

3 good reasons why you need Veeam Backup
Disaster Recovery

3 good reasons why you need Veeam Backup

disaster recovery

In case you have not heard about Veeam before — it is a company that specialises in disaster recovery, backup & replication products with strong niche in VMWare on its highly acclaimed Recovery Time & Point Objective (RTPO) of just 15 minutes!

This post is not about backup for VMWare. If you are a Windows PC/Laptop user, you should read the rest of this post as we are giving you 3 good reasons why you need Veeam Backup!

1. It is FREE

Veeam has a Veeam Agent for Windows (formerly Veeam Endpoint) which is completely FREE to use. You get to perform the entire snapshot backup of your PC/Laptop/Workstation, or perform just file based backup on any schedules you like. There is no malware or adware because this software is completely FREE!

2. It is reliable and almost enterprise-grade

Most enterprise backup features are already included for FREE, such as numerous recovery levels (bare metal/volume/file based), compression & deduplication & daily backup scheduling. Restoration is really a breeze, which means you are well-protected because the last thing you want to happen is to use an unknown backup software only to realise that it fails on you when you want to restore the datas you have already backup!

3. It fits well into your existing Veeam environment

If your company has already invested into, or currently evaluating the investment into Veeam Backup & Replication, the good news is this Veeam Agent will fit into the environment well. The Veeam backup repository that you have already built in your company can be used to store the backup data done by this Veeam Agent. This means you no longer need to manage different backup environments for different endpoints!

Still not convinced? Why don’t you download a free copy of your Veeam Agent here?

Contact us if you wish to discuss anything about your company’s Disaster Recovery or Cloud Backup requirements with us!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post. We are sharing this with you because we hope you can make the most out of a free product by a reputable company like Veeam.