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File Sync & Share on Cloud

File Sync & Share

Powered by NextCloud for businesses of all sizes

File Share & Sync Made Affordable

File Share & Sync is powered by NextCloud, the leading collaboration platform that combines the convenience and ease of use of consumer-grade solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive with the security, privacy and control business needs.

NextCloud on SecureAX platform is a cloud server setup privately for your business, ensures only your team and authorised personnel gain access to your company’s document and data. Moreover, these important data are also protected from ransomware, viruses and various malware.

Ransomware Protection

Protect your company important files and document from ransomware and various malware! With 30 days versioning & history, you can retrieve any files you want before any major event or disaster!

Work from Anywhere

Access to your company files and document from any devices and anywhere with Internet connectivity. Collaborate and work on these document among team members to remain productive!

Remote Wipe

Protect your company files and data from stolen or lost devices, or rogue team members by remotely wiping away data that is stored within the device!

File Sync & Share

Private Hosted NextCloud

Improve productivity within your organisation with the NextCloud, a powerful File Sync & Share platform! Access and share files conveniently from any computers, internet browsers or smart phones!
15 User Accounts
500 GB Total Secured Cloud Space
Maintenance-free, Fully Managed by SecureAX
Ransomware protection via offsite backup
Cloud Resources Inclusive
Unmetered premium upload/download traffic
Unmetered remote support requests via phone & ticket system
Platform powered by NextCloud

Frequently Answered Questions

How difficult is it to use File Sync & Share by NextCloud?
If your users already know how to use Dropbox & Google Drive, they are likely to love NextCloud because the interface and functionality are very similar to what they are already familiar with.
How secure is my company data with you?
Our datacenter is Tier IV certified and the hardware that stores your data are encrypted, which means physical theft of your data is very unlikely. Firewalls are setup to protect our servers while data is transmitted from File Sync & Share by NextCloud via bank grade SSL encryption so cyber theft is unlikely also. As long as your users use secured password, it can be said that your company data will be very secured and safe with us.
Do I have to be worried over ransomware, viruses or malware?
No! With 30 day versioning and history, any infected files can be reversed so you do not have to worry for losing important data and document
Can I remotely wipe data on stolen devices?
Yes, of course you can remotely wipe and protect your company data
Can I recover accidentally deleted files?
Yes, of course you may do that with the 30 day versioning & history feature