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Email Marketing Platform

Email Marketing Platform

Build Your Brand, Enhance Customer Loyalty, Improve Your Sales!

MailZetta increases customer engagement & sales!

MailZetta, a powerful email marketing software hosted in Singapore is the easiest way to help you build your brand name, increase customer engagement and enhance customer loyalty so your business get more sales in return!

Traditionally, business owners would send email marketing to their customers by using their email account, ie placing every customer’s email address under the blind carbon copy (BCC) section of the email. This method is notorious for resulting in the email server IP address being blacklisted as spam email source. Morever, there is completely no way to track if the email is read or is there any sales conversion from the email sent.

With MailZetta, you can import your customer database within seconds to the platform, send beautifully designed HTML email contents, find out which customer read your email, track your sales conversion and much more! Most importantly, MailZetta uses a pool of clean IP addresses, which means your marketing emails can be delivered with high success rate!

Better Content

Use the MailZetta powerful built-in editor to create beautiful HTML email content that can be both visually pleasing & user-friendly, so people read them!

Maximise Reach

MailZetta sends from clean IP addresses so your marketing emails enter your customers' Inboxes instead of spam folder to help you maximise your reach!

Big Data

Find out who read your email, where did they click inside the email, how long they spent reading the email etc so you can make smarter marketing decisions!

More Sales

MailZetta helps you create higher quality marketing lead and track them for you so you can convert these lead into profitable sales to grow your business!

Emails That Reach Your Audience


Actionable Big Data

Create & Manage Marketing Lead

MailZetta Email Marketing Platform

MailZetta is a single email marketing platform that enables you to put together your customer data, engage with with them to increase your product and brand awareness, track insightful data about their interaction with the marketing email so you can increase your sales!
MailZetta Key Features
Completely browser based with no downloads required
Dozens of built-in email templates to choose from
User friendly, step-by-step campaign wizard
Split test email campaigns
Automated unsubscribe email management
Automated bounced email processing
Automated email de-duplication to avoid annoying your readers
Scheduler to align with your product launch or promotions
Full WYSIWYG campaign editing
Easily import/export contacts
Powerful & insightful big data analytics
Included in the package
Send up to 200,000 Emails per year
Enhanced Delivery via multiple cloud email gateways with Clean IPs
1-hour complimentary web training session for Cloud Email Marketer
1 MailZetta User Licence

Frequently Answered Questions

Will customer email database be provided by MailZetta?
MailZetta is an email marketing platform that is aimed at helping you reach out to your customers to boost your sales. Unfortunately we do not provide any customer email databases because MailZetta processes only legitimate customer data that is in full compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), Privacy Policy and MailZetta is against the practice of sending unsolicited emails, also known as spam mails. You should compile your customer email database from various sources, such as email exchanged in the past, website feedback form, orders fulfilled in the past, as it is only with genuine customer database can you maximise the benefits of MailZetta to improve your sales.
Will MailZetta make my server IP address become blacklisted?
No! MailZetta utilises its pool of cloud server IP addresses to make sure any potential risk of blacklisting the IP address, ie email recipients flagging your marketing email as spam/junk will not impact you in any way.
Will MailZetta help improve my email open or interaction with customer?
Yes! MailZetta's goal is to make sure you can leverage on the unified email marketing platform to maintain good quality customer email database, produce high quality HTML email marketing contents, track insightful data on how these customers interact with your marketing email, to name a few. All these features will help your customers open or interact the marketing emails sent to them!
Do I need to use SecureAX email services to use MailZetta?
No! You can keep using your existing email service. MailZetta is a full suite email marketing platform that operates independent of your email service
Can my email readers unsubscribe from the mailing list?
Yes, MailZetta sends marketing email in full compliance with the best practices so an unsubscribe link will be included in every email
Can my email readers still report my email as junk or spam?
Yes, they can report your email as junk or spam but we will deal with the potential blacklisting of IP address for you.