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Fully Managed Directadmin Cloud Server

fully managed directadmin cloud server
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Fully Managed Directadmin Cloud Server

fully managed directadmin cloud server

If you intend to host a few websites or email accounts within your own cloud server, you would imagine a LAMP (Linux, Apache HTTP, MySQL and PHP) server gives you the best value but this article proposes you an alternative with Fully Managed Directadmin Cloud Server. A Fully Managed Directadmin Cloud Server is probably much better than LAMP server that you thought!

1. Directadmin Control Panel makes it easier for your users

The moment you consider a LAMP server, you are almost certainly a seasoned system administrator. You probably think you will get a Linux Cloud Server and start deploying LAMP on it. You will then load it up with your company or personal websites and start adding email users to it. The pain actually starts when you have more users requiring access to the server – developers requiring access through FTP and access to MySQL databases; then adding/removing email users along the way… all these workloads pass through you as a system administrator.

If you have a user-friendly control panel like Directadmin, you can delegate different accesses to different users. This way, you minimise your workload significantly!

2. Directadmin is not RAM hungry

You might thought that since you are installing a control panel to your cloud server, you might as well pick cPanel/WHM over Directadmin, since cPanel/WHM is more popular and widely used. Based on our experience, for a decent operation of cPanel cloud server, you are looking at 512MB RAM (minimum) while DirectAdmin can easily do it at 256MB RAM. This is not a surprise considering cPanel/WHM is more feature-packed. For most of the time, you don’t really need all these features on cPanel/WHM because they are there to cater to a more multi-tenancy environment, ie for shared hosting providers to offer to their clients.

3. Directadmin has a new design!

You might be turned off by Directadmin due to its very outdated visual appearance. You are wrong because since June this year, they actually revamped the appearance of their control panel, making it visually updated. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder – at least you now have the option of either staying with their old theme or try this new theme!

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