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SQL Injection Protection

sql injection protection

SQL Injection Protection

sql injection protection

SQL Injection Protection is one of the rudimentary protections for websites or cloud web servers. This is due to the fact that these attacks are unfortunately very common due to both:

  1. The significant prevalence of SQL Injection vulnerabilities and
  2. The database typically contains all the interesting/critical data for your application.

Let’s explore how you can enhance your protection from SQL injection (SQLi) through free and enterprise solutions. 

What is SQL injection?

A web application normally talks to the database through an SQL query. SQL injection occurs when the application fails to sanitise untrusted data (such as data in web form fields) in a database query. An attacker can trick the application into asking the database to execute unexpected commands, through a carefully scripted SQL command. The application then decrypts these data and reveals to the hacker, which is further exploited for a series of unlawful purposes.

How to prevent SQL injection?

A comprehensive and free cheat sheet to prevent SQL injection is made available by the OWASP. In short, it begins with your web developer, who should adopt certain best practices. Speak to your developer before you start a new web development project, otherwise you should consider testing your website / application for SQL injection vulnerability.

What about SQL injection protection?

Whether you are able to find the vulnerability through SQL injection testing now or you just want to ensure that you have sufficient protection from SQL injection, you can consider implementing Web Application Firewall (WAF). Web Application Firewall protects web applications from a commonly used web attack methods therefore it is always recommended to be implemented.

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