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SME Digitalisation Grant for eCommerce & Remote Working

SME Digitalisation Grant

Let us help you reduce your cost to start your eCommerce & Remote Working journey!

More than RM8,000
SME Digitalisation Grant For You

Under the 2020 Budget, the Malaysian Government will provide a 50% matching grant of up to RM5,000 per company for the subscription of digitalisation services such as eCommerce and Remote Working. To qualify for the grant, the SME must be 60% owned by Malaysian; has been in operation for at least (6) months; and has minimum average annual sales turnover of RM50,000. Audited financial statements or bank statements are needed as part of the application.

We have a better SME Digitalisation Grant. In view of not all companies can qualify for the stringent MDEC SME Digitalisation Grant (especially newly established businesses or micro businesses), SecureAX offers its own SME Digitalisation Grant that gives more than RM8,000 in value without requiring tedious application process and document.

RM8,000 eCommerce Grant

Claim up to RM8,000 eCommerce Grant to build your eCommerce online! Your eCommerce can be Request for Quote (RFQ), Pay Online or simply link to Shopee/Lazada to boost your sales online and build your brand image online!

RM480 Remote Working Grant

Claim up to RM480 Remote Working Grant (pay absolutely nothing) for SecureAX Workspace subscription. SecureAX Workspace is a Web Hosting, Business Email Hosting and File Sync & Share all-in-one cloud solution for your #WorkFromHome needs!

How to use the grant

To setup New Website or eCommerce


For Your Website, Email & Private Dropbox

Apply for SME Digitalisation Grant.

The eligibility criteria is simple:
1. Your business is either a Sole Proprietor, Partnership or Sdn Bhd registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM); and
2. You do not already have an active account or service with SecureAX.
If you meet the above criteria, you will be entitled to
Full Grant if your company does not yet have any eCommerce or Remote Working or Web & Email Hosting subscription; or
Partial Grant if your company has paid for an eCommerce, Remote Working or Web & Email Hosting subscription within the past 12 months

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    Upload SSM Certificate

    Frequently Answered Questions

    Is this an MDEC Grant?
    No! While MDEC offers SME Digitalisation Grant for the same areas of eCommerce & Remote Working, the matching grant of up to RM5,000 may not justify for the paper work involved in the application. Additionally, the eligibility criteria of (i) minimum sales turnover of RM50,000 and (ii) at least 6 months of business operation, places newly setup business or micro businesses totally out of reach of this grant.

    In view of the group of businesses that genuinely need financial assistance to embark on their eCommerce and Remote Working journey, SecureAX decides to offer the SME Digitalisation Grant, at our own cost & risk.
    Is this a Matching Grant?
    No, this is not a Matching Grant. A matching grant requires you to pay 50% of the cost while the remaining 50% is borne by the grant.

    Our SME Digitalisation Grant is a full value grant that knocks off up to 100% the cost involved.
    What are the chances of my SME Digitalisation Grant application being approved?
    Your chance of being given the grant is very high if you meet the simple eligibility criteria
    How fast will the SME Digitalisation Grant be approved?
    Please give us around 1 business day to review & approve your application.
    What can the SME Digitalisation Grant be used for?
    Our SME Digitalisation Grant can be used for eCommerce & Remote Working solutions. In short, we subsidise your cost of setting up an eCommerce website and/or subscribing to Remote Working services including web/email/file collaboration hosting.

    Note that the grant cannot be applied onto small cost items such as Domain Name or SSL Certificates as these services are digital assets that should be invested by you for your business or company.