Business Email Hosting offers you large mailbox sizes & cost savings!

SecureAX Workspace

SecureAX Workspace

Business Email & File Sharing for Better Productivity

SecureAX Workspace is
security & reliability focused

Communication and collaboration are important to businesses of all sizes. SecureAX Workspace offers both email & file sharing services under one subscription plan. We combine the benefits of Business Email Hosting and File Sharing within our SecureAX Workspace.

File Sharing

You can upload files into your own folder, or your company's folder, and share these files securely with the intended audiences!

Email & File Sharing


More Cost Savings!

Business Email & File Sharing

SecureAX Workspace Offers Better Value

SecureAX Workspace is an all-in-one cloud solution for businesses & companies of all sizes. It offers modern & powerful business email hosting service; secured file sharing within a single subscription.
SecureAX Workspace Key Features
100GB Business Email & File Space and upgrade only when you need more space!
Modern email hosting with powerful webmail
Transparent Fees as you do not have to pay for additional users and no hidden charges

Frequently Answered Questions

What is Email Hosting?
Email Hosting allows you to create email users for your company. For instance, if you own the domain name,, you can create any email accounts with, and allow every user to use their own unique mailbox within the company.
What is Cloud Storage?
Cloud Storage allows you to securely store and share your files that are normally too large to be sent as email attachments
What is SecureAX Workspace?
SecureAX Workspace combines Business Email Hosting & Cloud Storage within one single subscription.
Do all Email & File Sharing use the same space?
Yes! If you require more disk space, you can simply upgrade within our Customer Area.
Is backup included?
Daily backup will be done on email & files hosted within SecureAX Workspace. Note that these backups are for disaster recovery only. If you wish to perform backup and recovery based on your specific needs, do let us know your requirement to make this special arrangement for you!